Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm Terrible at Blogging!

My husband and I have quite the discussion from time to time about this blog, it goes something like this....

"Laura, you really need to update the blog, there are people (like myself) that do not facebook and read it." (my reply) "Really? How do I have the time to do both when I am not the writer of the family and I agonize over every word that I type."

Over the last several weeks though I have had a real battle in my mind with facebook and how when I really want to say something about how I really feel, I'm afraid to because then the comments will seem as if they are said in guilt thinking oh, we should have known, or wow she is really out of control.....I know this thinking is crazy, kind of like this post, but maybe the blog is where I was able to share without feeling scrutinized?

I don't know if anyone actually reads the blog anymore, I have not posted in over a year, so maybe I will be begin posting again and see what kind of feedback I get. I may even challenge Jason to post once a week?

Today is August 20th, my dad's birthday. Honestly, I don't think I really ever had a chance to grieve his death. I was so engulfed in my own grief, since Lindsey had only been in Heaven for a few short (or rather very long) months. Before Lindsey's death I was just beginning to have the relationship with my dad that I had always wanted to have. Dad lived right around the corner from me and sometimes he would pop in during the middle of the day and have lunch or I could see him just about anytime I wanted to. I remember one such day when he just showed up around lunch time (imagine that!) and Cadence, Grandpa and I (Lindsey was at school) had lunch out on the screen porch. I will never forget what he wore that day, his jean overalls!

So I guess I grieve the relationship that had just begun. He loved my girls and for the first time he was around so often that he even had time to read them a few bedtime stories. These are the times I so wish I could have back. I am sad for my girls that they do not have a grandfather here on earth, but I am so thankful for the godly heritage that dad has left them with. Amazing that Lindsey and dad are together and are waiting for us, cheering for us, praying that we will stay strong and persevere until the day we see our Savior!

Can't promise another one like this for awhile.....

Monday, August 31, 2009

School, Walking and Living Update

Cadence loves school and so far adores her teacher, Mrs. Mantekas. She is still taking piano from her grandmother and she hopes to take horseback riding lessons this fall with her Aunt Susan. We are so blessed to have family who live so close and can teach her such wonderful things!!

Selah just took her first steps this past week. She loves to talk and says doggy, ball, thank you and tries to copy just about everything we ask her to say. Sometimes we are the only ones that can understand her, but at least she tries. She has learned, thanks to Cadence and daddy, to raise her hands in the air when we say "touchdown Alabama", we are hoping she hears that alot this fall!!

Food Diary - Post 1

Cadence has become quite obsessed with cooking and The Food Network. We are enjoying this new interest and have decided to take pictures of what we create together. She even sent a note to Bobby Flay this summer and was thrilled when he sent her an autographed picture of himself!

Monte Cristo Sandwich
(cheese, ham, jelly then you toast like french toast and sprinkle it with powdered sugar and maple syrup) YUM

Cadence and Mom love quiche, dad not so much, so whenever dad is gone we create a different kind of quiche. This is ham, cheese, red onion quiche with a cucumber and cherry tomato salad.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lindsey's Birthday - We look upward....

Just had to share what our pastor Dr. Euler in Chattanooga would say is "a God sighting".

On Lindsey's birthday this year, we went to our favorite place in NC for quiet family time. The beautiful mountains, hiking, waterfalls, golfing - this place has become a safe haven for us when we are hurting. April 4th was an absolutely beautiful Saturday and we enjoyed all of the above! As we have done the 2 previous years, we went on a hike and Cadence let off a balloon to Lindsey.

Later that day when we came home, we received a package from our friend Amber Carlson. She had sent this artist's picture called "Waiting". She said it reminded her of Lindsey and just helped her imagine that Lindsey is holding a balloon waiting for us in Heaven. I know that this may seem silly to some of you, but the fact that we rec'd this a few hours after we had let go of the balloon was just another moment of grace that God has given to us that He even cares about how we choose to remember our loved ones on their birthdays! It wasn't a coincedence - it was God showing His love to us!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Heart Ball 2009

Heart Ball
Our family was asked to be one of three familes highlighted at the American Heart Association Ball this past March. A video was made of our children and played at the ball. It was both a good and very difficult opportunity. We are so thankful that we are able to share our beautiful daughter with so many people and to share of God's sustaining grace in our lives, however it was very difficult to be "the family" that lost a child to heart disease! That child is Lindsey, not just another child with heart disease, our full of life, happy beautiful girl! God we trust you, not our own strength to be able to comprehend and accept your perfect plan.

Andrea and Scott Wigginton
Amy and Brian Thompson

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Heart Walk 2009

Heart Walk - Saturday, March 14

It was a cold, rainy day....but we enjoyed walking, remembering Lindsey, and being with family and friends.

Jason being interviewed for Fox News

Selah all bundled up....she ended up in the coffee shop with both Grandmas!

Scott and Andrea

Mandy and Megan

Grandma Greene and Cadence

Getting Spoiled!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sisters - January/February 2009

Playing on the floor together.

Selah 7 months old

Happy Valentines Day 2009

Selah's first tea party.

Heartwalk 2009

We will once again participate in the Heartwalk in memory of Lindsey. All are welcome to come walk with us on Saturday, March 14 Falls Park in downtown Greenville. The registration begins at 8am and the walk starts at 9am. If you have shirts from the previous years please wear them, if you would like a shirt we have some extra and would take a donation to the American Heart Association for the shirt.

This picture was taken at the 2006 Heartwalk. We were just given this picture from AHA, we never knew we had a picture with Lindsey at the heartwalk! Little did we know how much heart disease was going to impact our lives. A mild heart condition turned very serious and changed our lives forever. We continue to thank God for the opportunity to share our story of loss, yes, but of hope!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas 2008

"Polar Express Day" at school. She wore her pjs and made gingerbread house and watched the Polar Express! What a great way to start off Christmas Break!
4th Annual Kids Holiday Christmas Party
The theme this year was Gingerbread Men!
Holiday Fun
Playing the bells for a carol sing at a coffee shop downtown.
This picture was taken right after we put cookies and milk out for Santa!

Christmas Morning, showing off their new Alabama caps.

Boehm/Ramler Family
(Grammy Boehm, Jason's sister Jennifer, husband Brad, twins Bryce and Braydn)

Monday, December 08, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving Play

Thanksgiving Lunch at Cadence's School